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Half-Elf Character Random Tables for D&D 5e

Lureene Bersk is a half-elf who is quick to anger and quick to forget. She enjoys expensive and well-made things, believing in the ideal of creativity and trying many new experiences. She seeks dangerous elven secrets but often gets into trouble asking one question too many. She is currently researching the songs of an ancient bard. READMORE

Halfling Character Random Tables for D&D 5e

Halfling Character Random Tables for D&D 5e Kithri is a halfling who loves to eat plum pies. They are an expert at doing nothing and live to the ideal of stability, preferring not to rock the boat. They are the last of their family and want to keep their stories alive. Sadly their luck runs out at the worst times and this has forced them out on a life of adventure... READMORE