Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Generators Guide [Updated]

Generators for rituals and dooms, Germanic-sounding names and encounters in the forest...

[Updated, Originally published Dec 2018]

WFRP Generator Guide

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) has always used random tables. WFRP 4th Edition from Cubicle 7 starts this off with a roll for character race.

I've put together a list of generators you can use in your games. You might find the guide to Horror generators useful too.

Naming Those Characters

Naming things is hard, but Bobo's Name Generator has options for most WFRP races while the WFRP Name Generator has everything from Border Princes through Halfling to Kislev.

For the Empire start at Germanic and Old High German names from Fantasy Name Generators. For an in-depth source of Empire character and street names try the Book of Imperial Names PDF over at Winds of Chaos.

If that's not enough at Fantasy Name Generators there are name generators for Warhammer Races by army. If you can find a copy then the 2E Character Pack has great names for Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Empire humans

Warhammer names at Fantasy Name Generators

Beyond Character Name

To add life to your WFRP character try the phobias generator at EN World. Or maybe a distinctive motto from a noble family, cult or town might do the trick.

Humans will need a Character Doom. A second opinion is possible.

My next character will have a fear of darkness (Scotophobia)...maybe a motto of "Lead by our history, leading our future" and a doom of "High-born blood shalt spill thine own."

You could also flesh out a WFRP 4E Character with Jay Hafner's Character Generator. You can find more about Jay in a Creator Interview and he has a Random Creature Generator.

In the Wilderness

When in the forest you can set the scene with Forest Descriptions. For encounters there is a list from Reddit and I have a WFRP Road Encounter table

In Town and City

For a custom city map try the wonderful Medieval Fantasy City generator

Chaotic Shiny has great generators for Merchants, Crowds, Holidays and Pit Fight Arenas.

Old World Taverns

Taverns are important in many medieval settings, and the you can find Fantasy Inns, Tavern Generators and Tavern Descriptions aplenty

For an ale or cider to remember try the Drink Generator

Drinks Generator

WFRP Tables in PDF format

Both from 2nd Edition, but these are worth a look. Tome of Corruption has lots of Chaos-related tables from mutations to chaos gifts. Renegade Crowns has many tables as part of building a campaign in the Border Princes.

In fact you can find many older WFRP 1st and 2nd Ed books in PDF format.

Rituals and Omens

Strange beliefs are common in the Old World. Luckily we have superstitions for those villagers, prophecies for the fortune tellers and for the priests

Rituals might involve local temples, the village elders or a dark cult. There are rituals to perform and also dark rituals

Bits & Pieces

You can find a list of my generators for WFRP that is growing.

The WFRP Weapons list has options for producing random weapons including several options for just what that hand weapon is.

Winds of Chaos has a number of PDFs that feature random tables for weather, road conditions and imperial cuisine.

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