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Generators for rituals and dooms, Germanic-sounding names and encounters in the forest...

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[First published Dec 2018]

WFRP Generator Guide

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) has always used random tables. WFRP 4th Edition from Cubicle 7 starts this off with a roll for character race.

I've put together a list of generators you can use in your games. You might find the guide to Horror generators and Dark Fantasy useful too.

Disclaimer - several of these are generators I've created. I'm a fan of WFRP.

Names and More Names

Naming things is hard, but Bobo's Name Generator has options for most WFRP races while the WFRP Name Generator has everything from Border Princes through Halfling to Kislev.

For an in-depth source of Empire character and street names try the Book of Imperial Names PDF over at Winds of Chaos. For GMs in need of many names I have the WFRP Name List which gives many names by race and gender at once.

Fore more names Fantasy Name Generators has name generators for the Empire with Germanic and Old High German names, plus Warhammer Races by army.

WFRP Name Generator

Beyond Character Name

At Grimnir's Tavern you can find all kinds of NPCs which you can choose by race and class. For example a Dwarf Noble. For a simple NPC in 3 lines I've got a Quick NPC tool.

I've created a list of character motivations. Humans will need a Character Doom. A second opinion is possible.

For character generators you have Paco's Character Gen which includes gnomes. Or try even more details with Jay Hafner's Character Generator. You can find more about Jay in a Creator Interview

Lastly, Moo-man has created a Windows-only NPC Creator (you'll need to click into a release and find the .exe file).

Encounters, Items and Taverns

For encounters there is a list from Reddit and I have a Road Encounter or Forest Encounter. Jay Hafner has a Random Creature Generator.

If you want loot then this Treasure Generator has options for jewels, coins, clothes, weapons and documents. The WFRP Weapons list has options for producing random weapons including several options for just what that hand weapon is. Armour is covered with this generator, plus the occasional weapon

For WFRP taverns I have a simple WFRP version which can be enhanced with Dwarf Beers or Pies

WFRP Treasure Gen

WFRP Tables in PDF format

Both from 2nd Edition, but these are worth a look. Tome of Corruption has lots of Chaos-related tables from mutations to chaos gifts. Renegade Crowns has many tables as part of building a campaign in the Border Princes.

In fact you can find many older WFRP 1st and 2nd Ed books in PDF format.

Winds of Chaos has a number of PDFs that feature random tables for weather, road conditions and imperial cuisine.

Useful non-WFRP Generators

When in the forest you can set the scene with Forest Descriptions

For a custom city map try the wonderful Medieval Fantasy City generator

Chaotic Shiny has great generators for Merchants, Crowds, Holidays and Pit Fight Arenas.

Strange beliefs are common in the Old World. Luckily we have prophecies for the fortune tellers and for the priests. Lastly every WFRP game needs rituals

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