Table Rolls - Forest Encounters

5E Encounters for Forest Terrain are the Rolled Tables this week, with 2-20 tables for levels 1-4, 5-10 and 11+.

Forest Encounters

Forest can cover pine uplands, sylvan forests or thick jungle canopies. Encounters might take place by a giant fallen oak, in a sylvan meadow of mushrooms or among overgrown standing stones.

The woodlands are full of life, with greenery and beasts at every step. It is home to feral druids, cavorting fey, beast hunters and primordial creatures best left alone.

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Forest Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Forest Levels 1-4
21 Shambling Mound or Unicorn
31d4+2 Gnolls lead by 1 Gnoll Pack Lord
41d4 wood elf Scouts with 1d4 Blink Dogs
52d4+2 Twig Blights, 1d4 Needle Blights & 1d2 Vine Blights
61d4+1 forest gnome Scouts and 1 Druid
71 Pseudodragon or Swarm of Insects
83d6 Bandits or Tribal Warriors
91d3 Black Bears or half-orc Berserkers
102d6 Giant Fire Beetles or Giant Frogs
111d2 Owlbears or Giant Badgers
121d4+1 Lizardfolk with 1d3 Giant Lizards or 1 Shaman
131d4+1 Giant Lizards or Giant Spiders
141d2 Will-o’-wisps or Ogres
152d4 Satyrs or Orcs
161d4 Giant Toads
172d4 Giant Wasps or Blink Dogs
182d4 Sprites or Pixies
191 Awakened Tree or Werewolf
201 Banshee or Green Hag

Forest Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Forest Levels 5-10
21 Young Gold Dragon or Giant Ape
31d4+2 Gricks lead by 1 Grick Alpha
41d3+1 Werewolves and 2d6 Wolves
51d4 Trolls or Shambling Mounds
61d2 Werebears and 1d6+1 Black Bears
71d2+1 Druids with either 2d4 Owlbears or Giant Toads
83d6 Lizardfolk with 1 Lizardfolk Shaman and 1 Lizard King/Queen
91d4+1 Ettercaps and 2d4 Giant Spiders
102d6 Centaurs or Dire Wolves
11Roll on Forest Levels 1-4 table
122d4 Displacer Beasts
132d6+2 Bugbears lead by a Bugbear Chief
141 Unicorn and either 2d6 Satyrs or 1 Druid
152d4+2 wood elf Berserkers
161 Treant or Guardian Naga
172d4 Gnolls and 1 Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu mounted on Giant Hyenas
182d4 Sprites and 2d4 Pixies
191 Young Green Dragon
201d4 Gorgons

Forest Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Forest Levels 11+
22d4 Druids with either 1d4 Treants or Giant Apes
32 Young Green Dragons
41 wood elf Archmage and 2d4 Druids
51 Adult Green Dragon
61d3+2 Giant Apes
76d6 Lizardfolk with 2d6 Giant Lizards lead by 1d3 Lizardfolk Shaman and 1 Lizard King/Queen
82d4 Trolls
94d6 Gnolls with 1d3+1 Gnoll Fangs of Yeenoghu and 2d4 Giant Hyenas lead by 1 Gnoll Pack Lord
102d4 Shambling Mounds
11Roll on Forest Levels 5-10 table
121d3+1 Treants
131 Unicorn with 3d6 Centaurs
142d4 Werebears
152d4 wood elf Berserkers and 1d4+1 Druids
164d6 Gricks lead by 1d3 Grick Alphas
175d6 Orcs with 2d4 Ogres lead by 1 Orc War Chief
182d6 Werewolves and 2d6 Dire Wolves
191 Adult Gold Dragon
202 Young Gold Dragons