Table Rolls - Combined Place Names Table

Grimhold, New Grimhold, Grimhold Gate, Hound's Hold, Miri's Hold...

With place starts and ends, prefixes, suffixes and more it's time to unite them!

A Table for Place Name...Tables

We've given fantasy names with several ways of joining them up, adding a word before or after. Then added options for using a creature type or person's name to add a bit more distinction. 

Having provided so many variations on names here we bring them together. Each column has two examples ready to use!

The table refers to previous Place Name tables in this series

Full Fantasy Place Name

1d20Place Name FormatExample 1Example 2
1Start (word) + End (word)GrimfallSharpford
2Start (word) + End (sound)BrimburtonBuckcham
3Start (word) + End (fantasy)HornsongLakeguard
4Start (sound) + End (word)TorrwellColwick
5Start (sound) + End (sound)OsendenRilwyn
6Start (sound) + End (fantasy)FelgroveHarrenreach
7Start (fantasy) + End (word)StarholdMooncliff
8Start (fantasy) + End (sound)HammerbyDeepshaw
9Start (fantasy) + End (fantasy)DaggerbreakerSilvertower
10Prefix + Space + Start (any) + End (any)North SandheadHigher Oswood
11Start (any) + End (any) + Space + SuffixBramhaven GateFlamechester Mere
12Start (fantasy) + Space + SuffixDagger WoodRune Isle
13Beast + 's + Space + SuffixCrow's HallStag's Rush
14Beast + End (any)OwlmoreSnakefinger
15Creature + 's + Space + Suffix Hag's SpireHound's Gate
16Creature + End (any)HarelingtonWolfscross
17Person + 's + Space + SuffixUrth's FerryJalana's Mill
18Person + s + End (any)PradirsgardenMirisridge
19Role + 's + Space + SuffixKing's BeaconBeggar's Vale
20Role + End (any)WitchhallSoldiersvale

More Names

These tables are inspired from my Fantasy Place Names generator at EN World. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators