Table Rolls: 5E Coastal Encounters

"This rocky beach has several small piles of dead fish. Several manticores wheel above the waves and stand in the shallows. A particularly large one watches the others from the high-tide mark."

Why are the manticored gathered here? Are the fish some part of a contest?

Generated from the Coastal Locations (roll of 15) and Coastal Levels 11+ (roll of 14) below. Enhanced with the Encounter Complications table (roll of 15).

Coastal Encounters

Coastal encounters bring visions of sandy dunes, steep cliffs, pebble beaches and tidal caves. Maybe encounters take place in a ruined lighthouse, haunted shipwreck or abandoned roc's nest.

A meeting place between the world of the water and land they are a place of travellers, watchful guardians and those who make their living from the sea.

A pdf of these tables with more locations and encounter tables is at the DM's Guild as Coastal Table Rolls.

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Coastal Locations

1d8+1d12Coastal Locations
2An eroded ornate tomb
3A polluted spring
4A small island with a damaged circle of standing stones
5An enchanted watchtower
6A flooded hamlet
7A low cliff with steps cut into it
8An overgrown lighthouse
9A pebble beach with lots of seaweed
10A brightly-painted fishing boat
11A sandy beach littered with debris
12A sea cave entrance
13A salt-scoured pier
14A gloomy shrine to a power of trade
15A rocky beach covered in dead fish
16A sea stack
17A wide canal
18A tidal river with a small bridge
19An area of driftwood
20A sparkling river with a small island

Coastal Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Coastal Levels 1-4
21 Bronze Dragon Wyrmling
32d6 Pirates (Bandits) lead by a Bandit Captain
41 Manticore
51d3 Scouts with a rowing boat
61d2 Merrow
72d4 Guards lead by a Veteran
82d4 Sahuagin
92d4 Tribal Warriors hunting for food
103d6 Kobolds
111d6 Commoners (fishermen) with a rowing boat
121 Swarm of Crabs
131d3 Giant Toads or Plesiosauri
142d6 Giant Crabs
151d3 Griffons
162d6 Stirges
171d4+1 Giant Lizards
182d4 Merfolk
191d4 Giant Eagles or Pteranodons
201 Sea Hag

Coastal Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Coastal Levels 5-10
21 Young Bronze Dragon
31 Djinni or Marid
41 Young Blue Dragon
51d3 Water Elementals and 2d4 Mud Mephits
63d6 Sahuagin lead by a Sahuagin Baron
71d3 Air Elementals
84d6 Sahuagin lead by a Sahuagin Priestess
91d3 Water Elementals
102d6 Merrow
11Roll on Coastal Levels 1-4 table
121 Cyclops with 2d4 Giant Goats
134d6 Pirates (Bandits) lead by a Bandit Captain
144d6 Giant Crabs
156d6 Tribal Warriors lead by 1d4 Berserkers
162d4 Giant Toads or Plesiosauri
171d6+1 Veterans
181d3+1 Manticores
191 ship or wreck with 6d6 Pirates (Bandits) and 1d3 Bandit Captains
20Coven of 3 Sea Hags

Coastal Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Coastal Levels 11+
21 Adult Bronze Dragon
31 Marid and 1d4 Water Elementals
42 Adult Bronze Dragons
51 Marid
61 Dragon Turtle
72d4 Air Elementals
86d6 Sahuagin lead by 1 Sahuagin Priestess and Baro
92d4 Water Elementals
104d6 Merrow
11Roll on Coastal Levels 5-10 table
122d6 Veterans
131 Storm Giant
142d6 Manticores
151 Djinni
162 Young Blue Dragons
171 Roc
181d2 Storm Giants served by 1d3 Griffons
191 Adult Blue Dragon
20Coven of 3 Sea Hags served by 2d4 Merrow

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my 5E Encounters Generator at EN World. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators

For a PDF version of coastal encounters with more tables check out Coastal Table Rolls on DM's Guild.