Table Rolls - 5E Artic Encounters

"Two large white bears approach an iced over pool. One of the bears is missing half it's left foreleg and has heavy burn marks. The other turns into a dwarf in furs and taps on the ice."

What mutilated one of the bears? Is the dwarf a druid, a were-bear or something else?

Generated from the Arctic Locations (roll of 10) and Arctic Levels 1-4 (roll of 6) Location (roll of 10) tables below. Enhanced with the Encounter Complications table (roll of 18).

Arctic Encounters

Encounters in the Arctic occur in icy tundra, tall glaciers and snowy peaks. They might occur outside an igloo, on an iced over lake or in a winter blizzard.

Defined by cold weather and how to survive it, this wilderness has few signs of civilisation. Furry beasts such as yetis and white bears are hunted and respected by savage tribes and frost giants.

A pdf of these tables with more locations and encounter tables is at the DM's Guild as Table Rolls - Arctic Encounters.

Table Rolls - Arctic Encounters

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Arctic Locations

1d8+1d12Coastal Locations
2An old elemental-made ice fortress
3A frozen river meeting a canal
4A steep hill with several large rocks
5A part-buried citadel
6Faerie-blessed berry bushes
7A frozen grove of stunted trees
8A sheltered shrine to a power of winter
9An area of slippery ground
10An iced over pool
11An area of discoloured snow
12A ruined farm
13A bleak group of standing stones
14An icy stream
15A frozen burial ground
16A gloomy shrine to a power of darkness
17A brightly-painted orcish giant statue
18An frigid river with a ford
19An abandoned campsite
20A fish-filled river with a small island

Arctic Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Artic Levels 1-4
21 Young Remorhaz
31 Winter Wolf leading 1d3+1 Wolves
42d4 Tribal Warriors lead by 1d3 Berserkers
52d4 Ice Mephits
61 Druid with 1 Polar Bear, Wolf or Giant Owl
71 Saber-Toothed Tiger
81d4 Berserkers
91 Winter Wolf
102d6 Orcs or Low Level Orcs table
111d6+1 Wolves
121d2 Polar Bears
132d6 Elk (reindeer)
142d6 Blood Hawk
152d6 Gnolls or Low Level Gnolls table
162d6 Tribal Warriors
171 Giant Owl
181d4 Scouts
191d2 Yetis
201 White Dragon Wyrmling

Arctic Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Artic Levels 5-10
21 Young White Dragon
31 Air Elemental and 2d4 Ice Mephits
41 Abominable Yeti
51d2+1 Sabertooth Tigers
61d3 Air Elementals
7 1d4+1 Winter Wolves
82d10 Gnolls with 1 Troll and 1 Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu
91d2 Frost Giants
101d4 Mammoths
11Roll on Arctic Levels 1-4 table
125d6 Tribal Warriors lead by 1d4+1 Berserkers
133d6 Orcs lead by 1 Orc Warchief
141d4 Trolls
152d6 Orcs lead by 1 Eye of Gruumsh with a Polar Bear
161d2 Young Remorhazes
171d2+1 Winter Wolves and 2d6 Wolves
182d4 Yetis
191 Werebear
201 Remorhaz

Arctic Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Arctic Levels 11+
21 Ancient White Dragon
31d2 Djinni
41 Adult White Dragon
51d3+1 Werebears
61 Abominable Yeti and 2d4 Yetis
72d4 Air Elementals
83d6 Berserkers
92d4 Trolls
103d6 Mammoths
11Roll on Arctic Levels 5-10 table
121d4+2 Frost Giants
131 Orc Warchief with 1d3 Eyes of Gruumsh and 6d6 Orcs
141 Remorhaz
151d3+1 Frost Giants and 1d4+1 Trolls
161 Gnoll Pack Leader leading 5d6 Gnolls and 1d4 Trolls
17 1 Remorhaz with 1d2 Young Remorhazes
181d4+1 Frost Giants with a pet Young White Dragon
192 Young White Dragons
201 Roc

More Encounters

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For a PDF version of mountain encounters with more tables check out Table Rolls - Arctic Encounters on DM's Guild.