5E DnD Mountain Encounters

"As you follow the steep banks of a narrow river, two griffons wheel overhead. One of them is unsteady in the air, with a long gash down it's flank".

Generated from the Mountain Locations (roll of 16) and Mountain Levels 1-4 (roll of 12) tables below. Enhanced from an Encounter Activity/State table from a previous article.

Mountain Encounters

Mountains encounters bring visions of snow-topped crags, mighty waterfalls, verdant valleys and cloud castles. Maybe encounters take place at a shallow cave, an old rope bridge or a clear mountain lake.

The roof of the world, they are often hard to navigate and pass along. They are the home of proud highland tribes, avian predators and mighty giants.

There is a 5e mountain random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Table Rolls - Mountain Encounters.

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Mountain Locations

1d8+1d12Mountain Locations
2A crumbling goblinoid-made shrine to a power of community
3A tended field of crops
4A swift waterfall into a small lake
5The site of a recent avalanche
6A lonely shrine to a power of harvest
7A fish-filled river with a small bridge
8An enchanted watchtower
9A mountain slope
10An abandoned hamlet
11A mountain valley
12A slow river with stepping stones
13A steep hill
14Tall cliffs
15An ancient bridge
16A narrow river with a steep bank
17A peaceful area of heathland
18An icy canal
19An overgrown aqueduct
20A sheltered temple to a power of endurance

Mountain Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Mountain Levels 1-4
21d2 Red Dragon Wyrmlings
31 Giant Elk or Saber-tooth Tiger
41d4 Giant Eagle(s)
51 Druid with 3d4 Goats
61d4+1 Swarms of Bats
71d6+1 Orcs led by an Orog
83d4+4 Kobolds
93d6 Guards led by a Veteran
101d3 Griffons or Ogres
112d4 Giant Goats
123d6 Tribal Warriors
132d6 Stirges
141d6 Scouts
152d4 Aarakocra or Winged Kobolds
161d2 Lions or Hippogriffs
172d6 Tribal Warriors led by 1d4 Berserkers
181d2 Perytons
191d4+1 Pteranodons
201 Ettin

Mountain Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Mountain Levels 5-10
21 Young Red Dragon
32d6 Giant Eagles
41 Bulette
51 Chimera
61d3 Trolls served by 1d3+1 Ogres
71d3 Air Elementals
81 Cyclops
93d6 Orcs and 1d3 Ogres led by an Orc Warchief
102d4 Berserkers
11Roll on Mountain Levels 1-4 table
121d3 Stone Giants
132d6 Ogres
141d2 Wyverns
151d4 Fire Giants
162d6 Hell Hounds
172d4 Galeb Duhr
181d2 Cloud Giants
194d6 Tribal Warriors led by a Druid
201 Young Silver Dragon

Mountain Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Mountain Levels 11+
22 Young Silver Dragons
31 Young Adult Silver Dragon
43d4 Berserkers mounted on Giant Eagles
51 Roc
62d4 Stone Giants
72d4 Air Elementals
83d6 Galeb Duhr
91d3+1 Stone Giants herding 3d6 Mountain Goats
101d6+1 Fire Giants with 2d6 Hell Hounds
11Roll on Mountain Levels 11+ table
122d6 Veterans with 2d6 Scouts
131d3 Frost Giants leading 6d6 Orcs
141d2 Cloud Giants escorted by 1d6+2 Frost Giants
151d3+2 Wyverns
162d6 Frost Giants
171 Adult Red Dragon
181d4+1 Cloud Giants
192 Young Red Dragons
201 Djinni and 1d3 Air Elementals

More Encounters

For a PDF version of mountain encounters with more tables check out Mountain Table Rolls on DM's Guild.

Table Rolls - Mountain Encounters

These tables inspired my 5E mountain encounters generator at Chaos Gen.

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