Table Rolls - 5E Hill Encounters

The encounter tables for Hills takes us over halfway through the 11 D&D 5E terrain types, following on from Grassland Encounters

Hill Encounters

Hill terrain covers a range between farmed valleys, rugged moors and mountain foothills. Encounters can occur among mossy rocks, by a stone circle or in an abandoned hill fortress

Often between mountains and plains, civilisation and the wilds, they are the home of vigilant sentries, monstrous raiders and beasts domestic or wild.

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A pdf of these tables with more locations and encounter tables is at the DM's Guild as Table Rolls - Hill Encounters.

Table Rolls - Hill Encounters

Hill Locations

This table will provide a location for the encounters in the other tables.

1d8+1d12Hill Locations
2A flooded shrine to a power of festival
3A ruined wizard's tower
4A sheltered watchtower
5A sheltered giant statue
6A clear river in a gully
7A large rock
8An ruined beast pen
9A discoloured river with a small island
10A valley
11An abandoned quarry
12A sacred bridge
13An overgrown meadow
14A steep slope
15A decorated water mill
16A cave entrance
17A reed-filled waterfall into a stream
18A mesa
19A strange fey-made tower
20An old mansion


Hill Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Hill Levels 1-4
21 Werewolf or Giant Elk
31d4 Giant Eagles or Half-Ogres
42d6 Baboons
52d4 Hobgoblins with 1 Giant Vulture or Dire Wolf
61d2 Perytons
72d4 Orcs led by an Eye of Gruumsh
84d6 Goats or Kobolds
92d6 Bandits or Tribal Warriors led by a Bandit Captain
101d3 Griffons or Ogres
11Patrol of 3d6 Tribal Warriors or Dwarf Guards
121d6+1 Boars or Giant Goats
132d6 Goblins led by a Goblin Boss
142d6 Stirges
151d2 Brown Bear(s)
161 Panther or Ettin
172d6 Wolves or Elk
181d4 Berserker(s)
191d2 Phase Spiders or Harpies
201d3 Druids and 1d3 Scouts

Hill Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Hill Levels 5-10
21 Young Copper Dragon
31d4 Gorgon(s)
41d3 Stone Giants
51d4 Trolls
62d6 Hippogriffs
71d4 Galeb Duhr
82d6+3 Hobgoblins led by a Hobgoblin Warlord
94d6 Giant Goats
104d6 Guards or Dwarf Tribal Warriors led by 1d3 Veterans
11Roll on Hill Levels 1-4 table
121d4+1 Hill Giants
131d3 Wyverns
142d4 Perytons
154d6 Orcs and 1d3 Ogres led by 1 Orc Warchief
161 Cyclops with 3d6 Goats
171d3 Werebear(s)
183d6 Pegasi
191 Bulette or Chimera
201 Young Red Dragon

Hill Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Hill Levels 11+
22d6 Veterans mounted on Pegasi
32 Young Red Dragons
41 Adult Red Dragon
51d4+1 Stone Giants and 1d6 Hill Giants
66d6 Hobgoblins led by 1d4+1 Captains and 1 Warlord
72d4+2 Hill Giants
82d4 Wyverns
92d6 Werewolves and 2d6 Dire Wolves
102d4 Stone Giants
11Roll on Hill Levels 5-10 table
122d6+3 Veterans on Patrol
133d6 Galeb Duhr
142 Cyclops with 4d6 Giant Goats
152d4+2 Trolls
162d4 Werebears
172d4 Revenants
181 Roc
191 Adult Copper Dragon
202 Young Copper Dragons

More Encounters

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For a PDF version of hill encounters with more tables check out Table Rolls - Hill Encounters on DM's Guild.