5E DnD Grassland Encounters

"Steam rises from a several pools of water. Several elephants wallow and play here, but one has collapsed on the water's edge"

Why has the elephant collapsed? Are the pools temporary or a permanent feature?

Generated from Grassland Locations (roll of 19) and Grassland Levels 5-10 (roll of 12) below. Enhanced with the Encounter Complications table (roll of 14, one or more of them is unconscious).

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Grassland Encounters

Grasslands could be grassy savannah, fertile plains or the endless steppes. Encounters might occur in areas of long grass, at an abandoned windmill or by a small group of isolated trees.

A place of wild beasts, mighty rivers and frequent flooding, it is home to tribes of horse-riding nomads, herds of large beasts and the monsters that feed on them.

There is a 5e grassland random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Table Rolls - Grassland Encounters.

Grassland Locations

This table will provide a location for the encounters in the other tables.

1d8+1d12Grassland Locations
2An ancient goblinoid-made bridge
3A quiet windmill
4A deep river into a small lake
5A mossy area of tall grass
6An overgrown campsite
7A flower-dotted hedge
8A brightly-painted bridge
9A fresh trail
10An insect-covered field of crops
11A group of tents by a beast pen
12A sheltered farm
133 isolated trees
14A clear river with stepping stones
15An overgrown area of tall grass
16A cave entrance
17An abandoned watchtower
18A wide river with a ford
19A hot spring
20Crumbling standing stones

2-20 table 1d8+1d12

Grassland Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Grassland Levels 1-4
21d2 Elephants or Tigers
31d4 Giant Vultures or Pegasi
41d6 Hobgoblins mounted on Worgs
51d4 Scarecrows or Hippogriffs
61d2 Griffons or Swarms of Insects
71d6 Lions or Pteranodons
81d4 Gnolls mounted on Giant Hyenas
91d2 Ankhegs or Anklosauri
102d6 Tribal Warriors mounted on Riding Horses
112d6 Elk or Wolves
123d6 Riding Horses or Hyenas
131d3 Centaurs
142d4 Worgs or Axe Beaks
152d6 Bandits lead by a Bandit Chief
163d4 Goblins or Jackals
171d3 Rhinos or Allosauri
182d4 Scouts or 1 Druid
191d4+1 Giant Hyenas or Thri-kreen
201 Weretigers

Grassland Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Grassland Levels 5-10
21 Tyrannosaurus Rex
31 Bulette
41d3 Air Elementals
51d4 Anklysauri
64d6 Gnolls lead by a Pack Lord
71d3 Manticores
82d4+1 Ogres
92d4 Berserkers mounted on Riding Horses
102d6 Centaurs
11Roll on Grassland Levels 1-4 table
122d4 Elephants
133d6 Tribal Warriors lead by 1d3+1 Berserkers
141d4 Triceratops
151d4+1 Hill Giants
163d6 Hobgoblins lead by a Hobgoblin Captain
171 Chimera
182d6+3 Bugbears lead by a Bubbear Chief
191d4 Gorgons
201 Young Gold Dragon

Grassland Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Grassland Levels 11+
21 Adult Gold Dragon
32d4 Gorgons
42d6 Gnolls and 1d4+2 Fangs of Yeenoghu mounted on Giant Hyenas
56d6 Hobgoblins on Horses lead by a Hobgoblin Warlord
65d6 Centaurs
71d4+2 Chimerae
82d4 Hill Gians
93d6 Elephants
103d6 Veterans mounted on Warhorses
11Roll on Grassland Levels 5-10 table
122d4 Triceratops
132d4 Air Elementals
143d6 Phase Spiders
152d4+2 Were-tigers
161 Djinni and 1d4 Air Elementals
171d2+1 Tyrannasauri Rex
181 Cyclops with 2d4 Elephants
191d3 Djinni
202 Young Gold Dragons

More Encounters

For a PDF version of grassland encounters with more tables check out Table Rolls - Grassland Encounters on DM's Guild. Or other grasslands pdfs on the guild.

Table Rolls - Grassland Encounters

These tables inspired my 5E grassland encounters generator at Chaos Gen.

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