Science Fiction Generators Guide

Generators for spaceships and aliens, star-systems and planets, plots and tech. For your game in the future or a galaxy far, far away...

Space Characters

Every game starts with characters, so we have names with the Sci-Fi Character Name Generator and full NPCs at the Space NPC generator.

Or your character might be in need of a gadget to use or a weapon to wield.

Space NPCs


Most space games also need spaceships, so lets start with a general description or a little more depth. For something more specialist the Spaceship Creator caters for Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Firefly.

My favourite is this Starship Generator which I like to envisage with the spaceship model creator.

If bits fall off your ship then the Futuristic Spare Parts Generator might help you out.

Or spaceship becomes space dungeon with maps of a sci-fi ship (sci-fi ship option), add space traps and use some creatures from the next section.

Aliens and Space Monsters

You may want a basic alien description, something more detailed or lots of lots of alien ideas at once.

Flesh it out with a graphical model or some alternative alien names.

The Rand Roller alien

Stars and Systems

For a quick map here is a Sector Generator which also gives basics of worlds, npcs, corporations and more using a system from Stars Without Number.

You can use more generators to detail the stars or expand on a solar system

Crossing the galaxy you might need a sci-fi encounter or encounter a space phenomena


Beyond Earth are many planets, and here you can map them out or describe them

Or you might want multiple planets or just the planet names.

Last is my favourite planet Generator with choices including Earth Like, Water World, Frozen Planet and No Atmosphere.

Water World

Stories and Plots

For plots and stories you can try sci-fi story ideas or a book and film title creator. But maybe you just need a Space Quest

PDFs of Random Tables

If you like to roll on random tables or use them for ideas then The Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction or The Sci-fi Bundle Collection. Ewen's Sci-Fi tables are d6 and also worth checking out.

Star Wars and Starfinder

Our generators so far have been system and setting neutral, but it's worth mentioning Starfinder Tools for all things Starfinder and the Star Wars Multigen Tool for many Star Wars ideas

Starfinder starship

Space Cities, 7th Sanctum Tech & Scifi Ideas

If you are visiting a space city you might want an alien restaurant menu or plans of a a city area map (sci-fi city option)

Seventh Sanctum has a number of tech generators ideal for ideas, including the robot maker, and med tool. Round that off with weird particles and arcane technomancy

Finally I've mentioned a couple of their generators already but SciFi is full of more generators, inspiration and ideas for everything Science Fiction related...

Your Generator Recommendations

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