Road and Travel Encounter Tables for D&D 5e

"The path ahead is broken by a river, where the remains of a bridge offer a risky crossing. Amidst a herd of goats several locals are taking part in a ritual at river's edge. It is led by a woman with an antlered mask"

Random tables for Dungeons and Dragons road encounters

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Roads and Trails Encounters

Roads and trails connect the cities and ports of fantasy nations. A few newly built but many fallen into ruin upon the causeways of older empires. A highway connecting two prominent cities, an ancient trail through sylvan woods or a road built by dwarves and now used by local tribes. Encounters happen at haunted crossroads and narrow paths, with desperate brigands, friendly pilgrims, hungry mercenaries, locals herding goats and any others on the path.

There is a 5e road random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Road Encounters.

Road Encounters - Random Tables Unusual Encounters Bundle

Road Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | enhancements

Road Encounters Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Road and Travel Levels 1-4
2 1 hill giant carrying a wagon
3 1d4+1 scouts mounted on riding horses
4 2d4 tribal warriors with a trophy
5 1d4 carts pulled by draft horses accompanied by 2d4 acolytes
6 1d4 giant vultures
7 A mercenary group of 1d4+2 bandits and 1 spy led by 1 bandit captain
8 2d4 acolyte pilgrims
9 1d3 centaur guards
10 2d4 mastiffs
11 Patrol of 1d2 veterans mounted on mules
12 2d4 local commoners with 1 druid
13 1 spy
14 1d3 tribal warriors with 4d6 goats
15 1d3 perytons
16 1d2 orcs mounted on dire wolves
17 1 doppelganger
18 1d4+1 wagons driven by commoners and 2d4 guards keeping watch
19 1d3 griffons
20 1 talkative night hag

Road Encounters Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Road and Travel Levels 5-10
2 1d3 galeb duhr
3 A pack of 2d4 dire wolves with 1d4 werewolves
4 1 death slaad merchant with a pony and cart
5 1 fire giant with 1d4 hell hounds
6 1d4 knights on warhorses with 2d6 guard on riding horses
7 2d6 thugs mercenaries led by 1 gladiator
8 Work crew of 2d6 commoners with 1 noble and 1d2 stone giants
9 2d4 hobgoblins led by 1 hobgoblin captain
10 1d2 priests in a wagon with 2d6 acolytes and 1d4 veterans
11 A patrol of 1d6 veterans with 2d4 scouts
12 1 oni trader and 1d4 elephants
13 1 half-red dragon veteran
14 1 priest with 2d4 knights mounted on warhorses
15 1d2 mages mounted on nightmares
16 1d4 hill giants
17 1 githzerai zerth
18 2d6 lizardfolk led by 1 lizardfolk shaman with 1d6 laden giant lizards
19 1 young silver dragon
20 1d2 watchful treants

Road Encounters Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Road and Travel Levels 11+
2 1d2 gynosphinxes
3 1 adult dragon (any chromatic)
4 1d6 fire giant mercenaries
5 1 archmage with 1 gladiator guard and 2d4 doppelganger servants
6 1 storm giant mounted on a roc
7 1 dao trader with 1d4 gargoyles
8 1d2 assassins with 2d4 spies and 3d6 cultists
9 1d4 priests and 1d4 knights priests and knights and something else
10 1d4 treants watching the road's edge
11 A caravan of wagons with 2d6 scouts and 1d4 veterans, escorted by 1d2 young silver dragons
12 Work crew of 1d3 dwarf mages and 1 stone golem
13 A family of 1d4+2 stone giants
14 1 rakshas merchant with 1d2 nycaloth guards
15 1 iron golem pulling a wagon
16 A patrol of 2d4 mezzoloth mercenaries
17 1 adult dragon (any metallic)
18 A patrol of 1d4 knights with 1 deva
19 1d4 cloud giant marauders with 1d2 wyverns
20 1 planetar

Ruins Encounter Tables - creatures | locations (soon) | non-combat (soon) | complications (soon)

More Encounters

There is a 5e road random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Road Encounters.

Road Encounters - Random Tables Unusual Encounters Bundle

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