Guide to Random Table Publishers on DriveThru RPG

A list of publishers of random tables on DriveThru RPG and example titles. Continuing a series looking at pdfs of random tables.

Table Publishers... many tables | generators | specialist | lists

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Publishers of Many Random Tables

Table Publishers... many tables | generators | specialist | lists

Some gamers like the ease of online random generators, while others prefer random tables you can roll on, scan for ideas or ponder over.

This looks at the second, choosing random tables across genres, games and topics, focusing on publishers that specialise on random tables. Looking at DriveThruRPG and primarily pdfs, although some have the option of printing in softcover or hardcover. For more D&D focused random tables there is a guide for the DM's Guild

There are publishers of many random tables, random generators as linked tables, specialist tables and random lists.


dicegeeks has an impressive assortment of random table books with the Book of Random Tables and Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction being two prominent examples.

Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press has useful collections of tables such as GM's Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing and smaller titles like Random Marsh Encounters

Black Falcon Games

Black Falcon Games have the D-Percent line with many affordable d100 tables including 100 Fantasy City Rumors and Mysteries or 100 Fantasy NPC Pocket Contents

Grinning Skull Studios

Grinning Skull Studios has Grim's Amazing d100 tables, with 100 Riddles for all fantasy RPGs catching the eye

PBE Games

PBE Games does One Page random tables including the One Page Dungeon Details Collection

Publishers of Random Generators

Table Publishers... many tables | generators | specialist | lists

Some publishers like complex linked tables that form a random generator.

Inkwell Ideas

Inkwell Ideas does the Infinite Choices series of which Infinite Gems and Jewelry is popular

Healing Fireball

Healing Fireball has a series called Just Add Dice including a Random Cave Designer

Pink Dice Bag Publishing

Pink Dice Bag Publishing has many titles with random tables including a series of generators and the Fantasy Inn and Cuisine Generator

Ennead Games

Ennead Games does all sorts of Random Tables and Generators. Highlights include Dungeon Maker and Lifeform Maker

Never Engine

Never Engine have several generators including an encounter generator pack

Publishers of Specialist Tables

Table Publishers... many tables | generators | specialist | lists

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Jon Brazer Enterprises has the d66 Compendium and the d66 Compendium 2 which are sci-fi themed

Ken Wickham

Ken Wickham has tools for Solo Gaming including the Fact Generator 2e

Publishers with Lists by the 100, 108 and 1001

Table Publishers... many tables | generators | specialist | lists

Wintertree Software

Wintertree Software has a line called 1001 things of which two highlights are 1001 Perplexing Potions and 1001 Hopeful Hirelings

Azukail Games

Azukail Games has 100s of titles with lists including 100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House and 100 Superstitions for a Fantasy Setting

Metal Turtle Games

Metal Turtle Games has several generators and "100" lists including a Coat of Arms generator

d10 dimensions

d10 dimensions specialises in "100" lists including many cyberpunk titles such as 100 CyberFinger Devices. 100 Alternatives to a TPK (Fantasy) also looks interesting.

Art of War Games

Art of War Games has a 100 Book Series including the Market of Asan - 100 Merchants, Shops and Stores

WMB Saltworks

WMB Saltworks has lists of 108 things including the very specific 108 Ancient Egyptian Beverages, Dishes & Snacks

Your Random Table PDF Recommendations

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest more random table pdfs in the comments or on my Discord server