Post-Apocalypse Generators Guide

Generators for a post-apocalyptic setting such as Mad Max or a zombie world.

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Apocalypse Basics

Let's start with an apocalypse generator from chaotic shiny

Initial Cause: nuclear warfare and natural plague. Secondary Causes: acid rain and dimensional rift. Threats: dangerous storms, hailstorms, zombie animals, and religious cults. Survivors: 22.2% of the population

And then those post-apocalyptic societies will need some names, as will the ruined lands around

In the Ruins

Amongst the ruins you find...a shot glass, a lawn chair and a tennis racket

From Post-Apocalyptic Junk Loot on chartopia.

You have further options with ancient junk and post-apocalyptic trinkets. And for food you have cans of various food

The lands might be wracked by plague

Zombies and Monsters

This zombie is somewhat contagious. She is partially decayed, and is missing part of an arm, an ear, an eye, patches of skin and a foot. She is fast, possibly a little smart, and very strong. She is wearing filthy clothing. She attacks mostly by striking victims.

Zombies like this one from chaotic shiny are a big cause of apocalypses.

There might also be dangers from zoomoprhs, kaiju or techno-fantasy monsters

The Dregs Left Behind

...dregs such as Exo, Roach, Gadget, Rat, Hawk and Snail

From apocalypse/mutant nickname generator at Fantasy Name Generator

The survivors might also have mutations and insanities. Some may have developed super powers from weird substances or alien intervention.

Apocalypse RPGs

Fantasy Flight Games has rpgs called The End of the World which you can get in digital format.

There are scenarios for zombie apocalypse, robot revolt, alien invasion and wrath of the gods.

Any More Generators?

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest post-apocalypse generators in the comments or on twitter to @DuncanThom

Non-Fantasy Gen Guides - Science Fiction | Horror | Post-Apocalypse | Cyberpunk | Star Wars