Underground Non-Combat Encounters for D&D

A stone giant keeps to area lit by bright fungi. They are afraid of the dark

Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For Underground Encounters

Underground Non-Combat Encounters

Non-Combat Encounters for underground in caverns, the underdark or a subterranean dungeon. Dark elves, creatures of earth and aberrations.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Encounters for Underground

1d20Non-Combat Encounters for High Level
1 A few dwarf veterans are looking at mining opportunities in the area
2 An unusual psychic gray ooze (int 8, telepathy 60 ft) tries to engage someone in a riddle or joke contest. It only has really bad ones.
3 A fomorian is obsessed with making beautiful things and is carving stone into mesmerizing patterns. They accept any offered help.
4 A giant fire beetle is a familiar for a creature caught in a cave-in nearby. It tries to get help for them.
5 A salamander requests help to find a Shadowfell crossing. It has a map
6 Several myconid adults and a myconid sovereign are experimenting with fungal ale. Looking for some humanoids to help test their effects.
7 Several deep gnomes are picking fungi in preparation for a celebration
8 An inquisitive giant weasel wears a gnomish collar. Does tricks for food
9 A renegade drow elite warrior is playing a game with a giant toad, their only friend. They are keen to ask about life on the surface.
10 A quaggoth thonot is performing a drum ritual to placate the rock spirits
11 Several giant lizards with bulging packs graze fungi. No sign of owners
12 A drider has several useful items to trade and a few options for escaping
13 A few flumphs sense strong psychic energy nearby. Looking for source
14 A stone giant keeps to area lit by bright fungi. They are afraid of the dark
15 A hungover bandit captain woke nearby, unsure how they got here
16 Several tribal warriors are escaped slaves, foraging for edible fungi
17 A few half-ogres are playing with giant bats they train and breed
18 A druid is keen to show off the insect cave ecosystem they've created
19 A xorn is working for the creator of a nearby maze or labyrinth, trying to lure creatures in to test it out. It can easily be bribed with gems.
20 An old one-eyed umber hulk speaks Undercommon. Prefers building work to killing people, currently digging tunnels for a local settlement

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