D&D Magic Item Tables - Martial Characters

Magic Item Tables for characters starting with tables for dexterity and strength based warriors.

For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Martial Character Magic Items

Inspired by the 5E DMG and available on DM's Guild along with similar tables

Magic item tables are often for monsters but these are for use by characters or DMs wanting to add magic items to an adventure for particular characters or types.

Martial characters such as barbarians, fighters, paladins and rangers will be happy to use the strength and maybe the dex-based tables. Monks and rogues will find the dex tables useful as well as many other character builds.

Character Magic Items - Strength Warriors

Use 1d6 for Uncommon items, 1d6+6 for Rare, 1d8+12 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d20Character Magic Items - Strength Warriors
1 Adamantine Armor
2 Weapon +1 or roll on Magic Weapons
3 Javelin of Lightning or roll on Magic Weapons
4 Shield +1 or Weapon +1
5 Gauntlets of Ogre Power or Mithril Armor (full plate)
6 Boots of Springing and Striding
7 Armor +1 or Armor of Resistance
8 Mace of Disruption or roll on Magic Weapons
9 Mace of Smiting or roll on Magic Weapons
10 Arrow-Catching Shield or Shield of Missile Attraction (cursed)
11 Shield +2 or Belt of Hill Giant Strength
12 Weapon +2 or roll on Magic Weapons
13 Spellguard Shield or Belt of Giant Strength (stone or frost or fire)
14 Armor +2 or Dwarven Plate
15 Dwarven Thrower or Plate Armor of Etherealness - legendary
16 Weapon +3 or Efreeti Chain - legendary
17 Shield +3 or Rod of Lordly Might - legendary
18 Ioun Stone of Strength or Armor of Invulnerability - legendary
19 Sword of Sharpness (any slashing sword) or Armor +3 - legendary
20 Manual of Gainful Exercise or Belt of Giant Strength (cloud or storm) - legendary

Character Magic Items - Dexterity Warriors

Use 1d8 for Uncommon items, 1d6+8 for Rare, 1d6+14 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d20Character Magic Items - Dexterity Warriors
1 Eyes of the Eagle
2 Weapon of Warning (any weapon) or roll on Magic Weapons
3 Boots of Elvenkind or Ammunition +1 x 20
4 Bracers of Archery or Slippers of Spider Climbing
5 Winged Boots
6 Shield +1 or Quiver of Elhonna
7 Weapon + 1 or roll on Magic Weapons
8 Mithril Armor (half plate)
9 Armor +1 or Dagger of Venom
10 Boots of Speed or Cape of the Mountebank
11 Weapon +2 or roll on Magic Weapons
12 Ring of Evasion or Shield +2
13 Sun Blade (longsword but has the finesse property) or roll on Magic Weapons
14 Ring of Free Action or Armor of Resistance
15 Ioun Stone of Agility
16 Weapon +3 or roll on Magic Weapons
17 Manual of Quickness of Action or Spellguard Shield
18 Oathbow or Armor +2
19 Scimitar of Speed or roll on Magic Weapons
20 Ioun Stone of Agility or Armor +3 - legendary

Magic Item Tables - Magic Weapons

Use 1d6 for Uncommon items, 1d8+6 for Rare, 1d6+14 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d20Magic Item Tables - Magic Weapons
1 Weapon +1 (any weapon)
2 Weapon +1 (any weapon) or Ammunition +1 x20
3 Weapon +1 or Sword of Vengeance (cursed, any sword)
4 Weapon of Warning (any weapon)
5 Weapon +1 (any weapon)
6 Trident of Fish Command or Weapon +1 (any weapon)
7 Weapon +2 (any weapon)
8 Vicious Weapon (any weapon)
9 Dragon Slayer (any sword) or Dagger of Venom
10 Giant Slayer (any sword or axe) or Ammunition +2 x x20
11 Sun Blade (longsword)
12 Flame Tongue (any sword) or Weapon +2 (any weapon)
13 Sword of Wounding (any sword)
14 Sword of Life Stealing (any sword) or Berserker Axe (any axe, cursed)
15 Scimitar of Speed or Staff of Thunder and Lightning
16 Weapon +3 (any weapon) or Staff of Striking
17 Nine Lives Stealer (any sword) or Vorpal Sword (any slashing sword) - legendary
18 Weapon +3 (any weapon) or Sword of Answering (longsword) - legendary
19 Dancing Sword (any sword) or Luck Blade - legendary
20 Frost Brand (any sword) or Hammer of Thunderbolts - legendary

D&D Weapon Types

Use 1d8 for Simple weapons and 1d12+8 for Martial ones

1d20WeaponsDex-based weapon
1 dagger or club dagger
2 greatclub or sickle dagger
3 handaxe light crossbow
4 javelin light crossbow
5 light hammer dart
6 mace or dart sling
7 quaterstaff shortbow
8 spear shortbow
9 battleaxe or greataxe rapier
10 flail or glaive rapier
11 longsword scimitar
12 morningstar or greatsword scimitar
13 rapier or halberd shortsword
14 scimitar shortsword
15 shortsword or lance whip or blowgun
16 trident hand crossbow
17 war pick heavy crossbow or hand crossbow
18 warhammer heavy crossbow
19 whip or maul longbow
20 net or pike longbow

More Item Tables

These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in Character Magic Item Tables.

Character Magic Item Tables.