Icewind Dale Encounters - Ruins and Mountains

"You see a bear lying among snowy stone ruins. Strewn around are the bodies of mountain goats, one half-eaten by the bear. As you watch the bear contorts into a humanoid form..."

Random tables for Icewind Dale Ruins and Mountains using monsters from Rime of the Frost Maiden.

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Icewind Dale Encounters of Ruins and Mountain

The new Icewind Dale adventure spend time in strange ruins and freezing mountains. Here are encounter tables combining monsters from Rime of the Frostmaiden with those of the Monster Manual.

orcs, helmed horrors and griffons combine with snow golems, living spells and frost giant skeletons

RotF indicates Rime of the Frostmaiden

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Icewind Dale Encounter Tables. And included in the Icewind Dale Random Tables Bundle

Icewind Dale Encounter Tables

Arctic Ruins Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Arctic Ruins Levels 1-4
2 1 spitting mimic (RotF)
3 1 priest with 1d4 guards
4 1 brain in a jar (RotF) with 1d3 flying swords/
5 2d4 goblins led by 1 goblin boss
6 1 living Bigby's hand (RotF)
7 1 ogrillon (stats of half-ogre) with 1d3 orcs
8 1d2 hypnos magen (RotF) and 1d2 demos magen (RotF)
9 1d3 carrion crawlers
10 1d2 snow golems
11 1 cult fanatic with 2d4 cultists
12 1d4 specters
13 2d6 icewind kobolds (RotF) with 1 axe beak
14 1d4 zombies with 2d4 crawling claws
15 1 ochre jelly
16 2d6 icewind kobold zombies (RotF)
17 1d4+1 ghouls
18 1 flameskull
19 1 chardalyn berserker (RotF)
20 1 gnome ceremorph (RotF)

Arctic Ruins Levels 5-10

2 1d2 clay golems
3 1d3 spitting mimics (RotF) with 2d6 flying swords
4 1d2 galvan magen (RotF) with 1d3 hypnos magen (RotF) and 2d4 demos magen (RotF)
5 1 evoker (stats of Avarice - RotF) with 1d3 gargoyles
6 1 tomb tapper (RotF)
7 1 orc warchief with orc eye of Gruumsh and 2d6 orcs
8 1 living blade of disaster (RotF)
9 1 mage with 1d3 goliath warriors
10 1d3 helmed horrors and 1d3 living Bigby's hands (RotF)
11 1 stone golem *or 1 wraith with 2d4 specters*
12 1 flameskull and 2d4 ogre zombies
13 1 grick alpha with 1d6+1 gricks
14 1d2 frost giant skeletons (RotF) with 3d6 skeletons
15 1d3 duergar mind masters (RotF) with 1d3 duergar hammerers (RotF) and 2d4 duergar
16 1d2 ice trolls (RotF)
17 1 gnoll vampire (RotF) with 1d4+1 kobold vampire spawn (RotF)
18 1 coldlight walker (RotF) with 1d3 wraiths
19 1 air elemental and 1d6 snow golems (RotF)
20 1 chardalyn dragon (RotF)

Cold Mountains Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Cold Mountains Levels 1-4
2 1 goliath warrior (RotF) riding a griffon
3 1d4 giant eagles
4 2d4 aarakocra
5 1d2 yetis
6 1 druid with 2d4 mountain goats (RotF)
7 1d2 perytons
8 1d2 berserkers mounted on axe beaks
9 1d3 griffons
10 2d6+3 icewind kobolds (RotF)
11 1d4 crag cats (RotF)
12 1d2 goliath warriors (RotF)
13 2d6 mountain goats (RotF)
14 1d4 chwingas (RotF)
15 1 sabre-tooth tiger
16 1d3 orcs with 1 orc eye of Gruumsh
17 2d4 giant goats
18 1d4 goblins mounted on worgs
19 1d2 brown bears
20 1 verbeeg longstrider (RotF)

Cold Mountains Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Cold Mountains Levels 5-10
2 1 remorhaz
3 1 duergar leader (stats of Xardorok Sunblight - RotF) with 1 duergar mind master (RotF) and 2d4 duergar
4 2d4 griffons
5 1 goliath werebear (RotF) with 1d2 brown bears
6 1d4 cold light walkers (RotF)
7 2d6 orcs with 1 orc warchief and 1d3 ogres
8 1d3 frost giant skeletons (RotF)
9 1d4 goliath warriors (RotF) riding griffons
10 4d6 giant goats
11 1d3 frost giants
12 1d2 ice trolls
13 1d4 verbeeg marauders (RotF) led by 1 verbeeg longstrider (RotF)
14 1d4 young remorhazes
15 1d3 ogres and 1d2 hill giants led by 1 verbeeg marauder (RotF)
16 1d2 wyverns
17 1 frost giant with 1d4 verbeeg maruaders (RotF)
18 1d2 young white dragons
19 1d2 cloud giants
20 1 abominable yeti

More Encounters

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Icewind Dale Encounter Tables. And included in the Icewind Dale Random Tables Bundle

Icewind Dale Encounter Tables