Horror Generators Guide

Generators for Vampires and Ghosts, Witches and Zombies! All you need for Halloween...

Horror Generator Guide

This is a guide to generators you can use for a Horror or Halloween themed evening, adventure, one-shot or campaign.

Costumes and Evil Names

Starting off with Halloween Costume ideas and a selection of B-Movies you can try. We have some general Evil Name, or try something more Cthulu or Lovecraftian sounding.


You can find generators for full vampire description, vampire names and clan names. Alternatively here is a more Goth sounding vampire name generator.

Then we have some Graveyard Names where the vampires might be found.


Spirits haunt the world, and they need Ghost Names. To describe where to find them maybe a Haunted House or Ghost Town Description.

Ghosts are often the victims or givers of curses, so here are Curse Names.



There are more to witches, than black cats and broomsticks! Start with a Witch Name or maybe a Necromancer Name. Then they might be part of a Coven or Cabal. You might interrupt their Dark Ritual, find them handing out Tarot Cards or selling Charms


Start off your zombie horde with Zombie Descriptions and then add More Zombies. You may wish to classify them by Zombie Type. And to give them somewhere to roam try a Ruined City Map.

Werewolves and Demons

For something more of a physical threat try Werewolf Name and Werewolf Packs. Or how about naming a Demon and having a Demon Description to go with it.

The Rest of Darkness

So we finish off with Mad Scientists in their Laboratory, Harry Potter Characters and Jack O'Lanterns

And for the greatest of all evils we have Evil Clown Names

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