Generator's Guide to Pathfinder 1E

Pathfinder 1st Edition has been out for over 10 years so now is a great time to see what generators have been built to support it.

Dungeons, Traps and Encounters

Donjon has several Pathfinder generators and one of the best known is the dungeon generator. You can fill it with traps if it needs added danger.

EN World has a simple encounter generator and donjon can give a more complex option. If you prefer random tables Raging Swan press has pdfs at DriveThruRPG for woodland, marsh, hills and urban

Magic Items and Treasure

Archives of Nethy has a nifty treasure generarator based on tables from core rules and Ultimate Equipment. It includes options by settlement, encounter, gp value, item type or Kingmaker kingdom. Then donjon has For magic items you have have separate magic items or a magic shop. .

For more mundane treasures you might want to investigate that merchant's purse. And for monster hoards you can choose between donjon's treasure gen or RPG Bot's random treasure gen

For something more unusual try a pdf, the Vault of Wonders: Artifacts of Randomness


Every game needs NPCs but creating full stats in Pathfinder 1E can be tedious. Luckily Dingle's Games gives a template based NPC generator or donjon has a more concise NPC generator with filters for race and class.

Characters and Names

If you want a character then get a random one with the Pathfinder Random Character Generator

For names look at Fantasy Name Generator's many pathfinder options.

The Archives of Nethys have a background genearor making use of Ultimate Campaign and Quests and Campaigns.

For class-specific generators there are wizard spellbooks or an animal companion creator

The World of Golarion

In 1e the World of Golarion has been thrust into the limelight and several generators exist to support it.

Dungeonetics has a Golarion calendar which includes holidays and celebrations. The Donjon calendar has a Golarion option which includes celestial events.

For character names with a Golarion flavour dungeonetics has them by race and ethnicities

And for a more in depth look at the world Paizo has a free Inner Sea World Guide pdf.

Bits and Pieces

There is a mix of pathfinder generators at dxcontent (scroll down beyond dnd and misc fantasy). I like the Intelligent magic item add on.

For another setting try the Free Port Companion pdf from Green Ronin at drivethrurpg.

Lastly there are a ton of free resources in the Pathfinder Chronicler Anthologies by Paizo Fans United at Paizo.

Recommendations Please!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Pathfinder 1E generators in the comments or on twitter to @DuncanThom