Generators Guide to Dungeons

"A wide broken statue in a dark cliff side marks the entrane to this dungeon. Beond the broken statue lies..."

Find out what tools and random charts there are for visualising, detailing and expanding your Dungeon...

Dungeon Overview

A good name can help a dungeon. "Haunt of the Obsidian Knight" or "The Diamond Labyrinth" come from a name. Another dungeon name generator gives the "Flamehammer Catacomb" or "Arcane Cave of the Illuminated Idol". For a cave complex then "The Colorless Caves" or "Stratdover Overhang" are suggestions from this cave name generator.

To find out more a Dungeon Description might help, or a Quick Dungeon with the basics.

Or for somewhere to simply start off the dungeon adventure there is a chart of Dungeon Entrances.

Dungeon Maps

Maps for dungeons is a large topic that will get it's own guide!

Two of my favourites are Gozzy's which produces beautiful maps for both caverns and dungeons.

Dave's Mapper is a tile-based map generator that can handle dungeon, caverns or both at the same time.

Dave's Mapper


A crack in the ceiling above the middle of the north wall allows a trickle of water to flow down to the floor. The water pools near the base of the wall, and a rivulet runs along the wall an out into the hall. The water smells fresh.

The above description is from this Dungeon Room Generator, or try one that gives a description combined with other room details at EN World.

Or if you want something to read try a pdf of 50 Random Dungeon Rooms.

Traps and Doors

Every dungeon needs a trap or ten.... Another site had options for traps at Harmless, Moderate or Deadly.

Chaotic Shiny Portals

And adventurers love doors. Maybe it is a secret door, a magical portal or a trapped deadly dungeon door (pdf)

For the truly evil GM, you can get a pdf of puzzles...

Dungeon Dressing

To give life to your dungeon use a furniture generator or bodies chart.

And for atmosphere include sounds, some graffiti and a few mystic runes.


Dungeons need treasure and the random loot generator is a sophisticated tool (example below).

For more detail try art, artifacts, charms, gems or weapons or books

Random loot generator

Bits & Pieces

The Auto Roll Tables (under the Dungeon tab) has all sorts of dungeons and ideas. There are several tables with dungeon dressing from reddit and I have built a 5 Room Dungeon Outline.

Last are pdfs with 50 encounters or the 1st Edition D&D Dungeon Master's Guide with it's 40 year-old dungeon tables

More Recommendations?

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Dungeon generators in the comments or on twitter to @DuncanThom