Dungeon Map Generators Guide [Updated]

To enhance the Generators Guide to Dungeons I've taken a look at the map generators around.

Map generators for Rooms and Corridors, Caverns, Mixed Caverns & Rooms, Maps with Descriptions and Pdf Options.

[Updated, originally published April 2019]

Rooms and Corridors

Gozzys does a dungeon generator map creator with wandering line style (pictured below) and random room style.

Gozzys dungeon map with wandering line style

A similar style can be found at Dungeons Tome, with the Random Dungeon Generator. Mine has several false doors.

Dungeons Tome dungeon with several false doors

And recent arrival DunGen includes the scale for Roll20 (70 px) and the multi-level option for stairs or not. Find out more in my interview with creator Nick.

DunGen Dungeon Generator


Myth Weavers has a cave generator.

Myth Weavers Cavern

Gozzys has the Random cave map creator with lots of options to tamper with.

Gozzys random cave map

Last is a slightly different style from NPC Base Cave Generator.

NPC Base cave generator

Mixed Caverns and Rooms

Dave's Mapper can do mixed caves and dungeons, as well as each on their own.

enter image description here

Wizardawn has a similar tile rendering system, but with the handy option of being able to number the maps

wizardawn numbered map

Dungeons with Descriptions

Donjon has several dungeon generators and the one for 5E has dungeon overview, a corridor key, wandering monsters and room descriptions. Other versions with description include Pathfinder, d20 and AD&D. All of them contain many options for customising the layout and its contents.

donjon 5E dungeon generator

Myth Weavers does a Dungeon Generator with room details and monsters for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

Myth Weaves Dungeon Generator

Dizzy Dragon Games has an Adventure Generator with gives a descriptions, treasure and encounters with old school monsters.

Dizzy Dragon adventure generator

Pdf Maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form.

The Dungeon Builder's Deck that provides 114 playing-card sized dungeon tiles

enter image description here

Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials is a collection of dungeon tiles with rooms, halls and connectors that can be used on virtual tabletops.

Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials

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