Dark Fantasy Generators Guide

This is a generators guide for Dark Fantasy, which classically has elements of horror, a darker tone and themes of dread and gloom.

This contrasts with horror, which I have a different generators guide for, focusing more on modern themes.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has typically been seen dark fantasy, and has it's own Generators Guide. Other specific RPGs might include Shadow of a Demon Lord and Zweihander.

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Your characters in dark fantasy are likely to have superstitions, fears or phobias and quirks or secrets.

Maybe some PCs or NPCs have been granted dark gifts by sinister powers.

Horrific Items

Greed and gear go hand in hand, so what might you find at the fantasy black market?

Probably some sort of fantastical drug, a protective charm or a demonic treasure

Creatures of Darkness

You might encounter something scary in the forest or maybe you simply want a monster. People fear things more that they can't find in a monster manual.

In the night the dead rise, maybe serving a lich or animated by necromancers. They might be zombies or vampires or a ghost

Perhaps you will come to the notice of witches who gather in covens and perform dark rituals.

If you speak a demon's true names you're in it deep. It might be that of a unique demon or perhaps another eldritch horror.

zombie generator

An Atmosphere

You might want to set a certain atmosphere, so try some bodies, battlefield descriptions or maybe a touch of the dark speech

Bad Things Happen

Curses befall people for all sorts of reason, so here are some names and descriptions.

Or there are things that might go missing, diseases to be infected with and poisons to suffer

Ravenloft & the Domains of Dread

One of the first themed adventures for dark fantasy was Ravenloft, which grew into a setting and has returned for fifth edition too.

So you might want names for Ravenloft or new darklords and domains.

For 5e support take a look at 100 horror trinkets and a collection of tables from Curse of Strahd. Last is a DM's Guild collection of extra encounters.

Last of All

Last up is a Gothic Fantasy Adventure Generator random table.

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Fantasy Gen Guides - Pirates and Seas | Dark Fantasy | Dungeons | Dungeon Maps | Pets | Pathfinder 1e | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay