5E Shadowfell Encounters - Table Rolls

"You follow a road of cracked black stones and ahead you see a wagon standing still, two dead horses beside it. Gaunt figures feed on the horse and a few heads appear from within the wagon, assessing you..."

Why is there a wagon in the Shadowfell? Is it a random attack or are the ghouls working for another power? Generated from the Shadowfell Locations (roll of 16) and Shadowfell Levels 5-10 (roll of 3) below.

Shadowfell Encounters

The Shadowfell is a place of black, grey and white, dismal shadow of the Material Plane. It brings visions skull-like rocks, dark forests with snaring branches and castles long crumbled to ruin. Encounters might occur at a circle of tombstones, a grove of grasping bracken or a haunted quarry where the dead work.

Home of the colourless reflections of the mortal world, the unlucky might also find the Domains of Dread, where "darklords" are imprisoned. They are home to cursed spirits, alien creatures that prefer darkness, , cunning unseelie satyrs, scheming hags and drow warbands from the Underdark and servants of the Raven Queen.

A pdf of these and other Shadowfell tables is at the DM's Guild as Planar Encounter Tables, including tables for the Shadowfell and other planes.

Planar Encounter Tables pdf on DM's Guild

Shadowfell Locations

1d8+1d12Shadowfell Locations
2 Several patches of brambles grow beside a frozen lake. Recent bloodstains mark the lake. A renegade drow watches the area.
3 A stone arch is covered in ashes. Around it are set several piles of black rocks, bones and broken children's toys.
4 A foul-smelling river has large skulls placed along one bank. Skeletal fish swim among the churning waters.
5 A dead forest sways in a whispering wind. Large ghostly insects crawl around the trees, some of them stopping to watch intruders
6 Several skull-like heads are carved into the mountainside. A pathway of iron spikes leads to one head, which has a planar portal inside.
7 Five obsidian monuments are linked by chains formed from skeletal arms. The area is sentient and a dragon died here long ago.
8 Large black mushrooms grow from a slate cliff. A gray liquid oozes down from the mushrooms, and many flies feed on it.
9 A burial ground of open graves surrounds a thicket of thistles. A thick mist with ghostly faces is forming
10 An ancient battlefield is strewn with bones and scraps of armor. Several bones form a small hill which is home to a powerful spirit
11 An area of quicksand is marked by half-buried moaning skeletons. One of them reaches towards strangers and mouths words at them
12 A steep hill is surrounded by a maze of groaning canyons. There are frequent earth tremors that bring down rocks and debris
13 The trees of this orchard are dead but bear strange black fruits that burst into acidic pus after a week. One tree is awakened
14 An abandoned hamlet is raised above an area of bubbling muck and swamp. Chalk runes cover inside and outside of two huts.
15 Rubble and fragments of a stone statue are strewn on a jagged slope. A dark cloud floats from a hole in the centre of the mess.
16 A wide river leads down into a ravine. Several tombstones form stepping stones to a small island shrine to a forgotten power
17 A crumbling road is marked by cracked black stones. There is a wagon stacked with boxes and crates, beside are two dead horses.
18 This open expanse is dotted with dust devils and churning chill winds. A spirit here murmurs never finished curses
19 In the forest of dark twisting trees stands a verdant grove. A rosebush covers a portal to the Upper Planes, guarded by a celestial.
20 A circular bronze door is set into the ground, beside a black cliff. Runes warn of an ancient danger trapped here by three liches.

Shadowfell Levels 1-4

1d4+1d6Shadowfell Levels 1-4
2 1 Wraith
3 1 Cambion
4 1d2 Wights
5 1d4+1 Darkmantles
6 2d4 Shadows
7 1d2 Drow with 1d4+1 Grimlocks
8 2d6 Skeletons
9 1 Ghost
10 1d2 Grells

Shadowfell Levels 5-10

1d4+1d6Shadowfell Levels 5-10
2 1 Young Red Shadow Dragon
3 2d6 Ghouls led by 1d4 Ghasts
4 1d4 Wraiths
5 1d3 Driders
6 1d4 Vampire Spawn
7 1d2 Cloakers
8 1d4 Shadow Demons and 1d4+1 Shadows
9 1d3 Drow Elite Warriors with 1 Drider
10 A coven of 3 Night Hags

Shadowfell Levels 11+

1d4+1d6Shadowfell Levels 11+
2 1 Lich
3 1 Adult Shadow Dragon (any metallic or chromatic)
4 1 Death Tyrant
5 1d4+2 Cloakers
6 1 Vampire
7 1 Beholder
8 1 Vampire Spellcaster
9 2 Young Adult Red Shadow Dragons
10 1 Mummy Lord

More Encounters

A pdf of these and other Shadowfell tables is at the DM's Guild as Planar Encounter Tables, including tables for the Shadowfell and other planes.

Planar Encounter Tables pdf on DM's Guild