Non-Combat Encounters for 5e Low and Mid Level

1 orc warchief who has renounced a life of violence and only wants to talk about the peaceful god they now worship

Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For levels 1-4 and 5-10.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Creature Encounters (1-4)

1d20Non-Combat Creature Encounters (1-4)
1 2 half-ogres carry a heavy coffin to a nearby site. Unaware of contents
2 1 curious nothic has been attracted here by magical energies nearby
3 1 noble with 1d2 commoner servants is on a quest. They have a veteran family retainer who deals with any dangers or difficulties.
4 2 rogue tridrones have recently fled Mechanus and are trying to make sense of the strange plane they now find themselves on
5 1d4+1 giant centipedes feeding on the corpse of a githzerai traveller. They flee if disturbed and lurk to finish their meal
6 1 orc warchief who has renounced a life of violence and only wants to talk about the peaceful god they now worship
7 1 mercenary priest needs funds to build a temple is seeking work
8 1 kuo-toa monitor (whip variant), a renegade trying to find a monastery or other society they can find others searching for enlightenment
9 1 scarred druid who protects a family of nearby owlbears with young
10 1d4+1 blink dogs are here to join a festival at a nearby portal to the Feywild. They will try to invite one of the party along.
11 1d4+2 cultists whose leader was killed by nearby monsters while performing a ritual. Now trying to find allies to help finish ritual.
12 1 mischievous will-o'-wisp haunts the nearby area. It plays tricks on travelers and flees if attacked before returning later.
13 The Company of the Burning Wagon is down to two members. A berserker and a spy. They have a map and are lost, hungry and arguing.
14 1 tired scout is writing poetry but can't quite find the right words
15 An intellect devourer inhabits the body of a famous singer or bard. They are trying to use it to infiltrate high society and try to join the party
16 1 awakened giant rat helps party but may steal shiny items for its hoard
17 1 injured giant vulture has an arrow stuck in it that it can't reach. It tries to ask for aid in removing the arrow.
18 1 githzerai monk who is looking for a companion who was last seen nearby. Has a book with a few phrases in Common
19 1 outcast salamander is trying to set up as a weapons merchant and has a few swords. Interested in weapons, scrap metal and tools.
20 2d4 skeletons are picking herbs and flowers and putting in a handcart. If disturbed they continue with their task as well as they can.

Non-Combat Creature Encounters (5-10)

1d20City Encounters Mid Level
1 2 cyclops are herding a huge herd of goats following a vision westwards
2 1 bulette has been enchanted with the mind of a cat. It adopts one of the party, asking for food, treats and someone to play with.
3 1 scared green slaad in dwarf form seeks news of events, especially magical ones. It almost has knowledge to become a gray slaad
4 1d2 xorns have located a cache of gems in a nearby pool. They are scared of the water and try to get the party to retrieve gems for them
5 1 sobbing mage is with an owlbear companion which is trying to console them over a recent break-up
6 1 young bronze dragon is curious about local area and has taken a vow of pacifism for a year. Asks party lots of questions about surroundings.
7 A marid has seen one of the party in a dream and gives them an invite to a party somewhere exotic
8 A clever cloaker trades in magical scrolls and cloaks and keeps a stone golem as protection.
9 1 questing fire giant claims to be a champion of good and is searching for a hidden shrine to a minor god
10 1d3+1 werebears who serve a powerful druid are searching for a rare herb. They know its name but can't remember anything else about it.
11 1 night hag gives a bag of holding full of copper coins to a character.
12 2d6 priests are looking for a suitable place to start a community promoting love, peace and prosperity.
13 2 shield golems who are linked to each other are trying to make sense of the world and their place in it.
14 1 horned devil has spent centuries in the world without trouble. It has collected 99 masks and needs 2 more. It needs help getting them
15 1 air elemental that is trying to return home via a planar portal high up. It can only be opened by a humanoid and tries to get party to help.
16 The Flying Fish are adventurers on an elephant. 1d3 knights, 1 druid and 1 scout. They are looking for a new quest after screwing up the last one
17 1 unusual aboleth desires only to live peacefully among a humanoid society. It still searches for away to do this
18 1 drow mage is the last remaining adventurer of a group from the Underdark. Now seeks to make a new life on the surface.
19 2 progressive trolls are trying to find work as mercenaries or guards. Can speak a some Common (Intelligence 8) and wield axes.
20 1 humorless assassin asks the party to kill them to fulfill a contract. They also ask them to carry out their will and contact their family

More Encounters

These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

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