5E Feywild Encounters - Table Rolls

"as you navigate the forest you come to a clearing of recently fallen trees covered in red mushrooms. As you investigate the sap that bleeds from them you notice sinister needle-covered figures watching you from the suddenly quiet treeline"

Do they hold the PCs responsible for the fallen trees, are there fey connected to the red mushrooms? Generated from the Feywild Locations (roll of 6) and Feywild Levels 1-4 (roll of 11) below.

Feywild Encounters

The Feywild is a realm of eternal twilight, a spectacular reflection of the Material Plane. It brings visions of sparkling faerie lights, idyllic forest glades, sinister black bogs and skull-like mountains. Encounters could take place at a bridge of vines, a tor topped with crystal spires or a shimmering pool that attracts fireflies.

Home of the fey courts, there are legends of mortals being lost in the feywild for years, centuries or forever. They are home to proud seelie sprites, cunning unseelie satyrs, scheming hags and hungry fomorians.

A pdf of these tables and more feywilds is at the DM's Guild as Planar Encounter Tables, including tables for the Shadowfell and other planes.

Planar Encounter Tables pdf on DM's Guild

Feywild Locations

1d8+1d12Feywild Locations
2 Hot springs fill several pools of clear water. The edges are marked by flowers and colored rocks. Currently large snowflakes of snow are falling
3 An uninhabited elven library is built at the base of tall white cliffs. The animated books have a mind of their own
4 Butterflies and other bright insects swarm a tree with multicolored leaves. At the base of the tree is a hollow leading to a large cave
5 A waterfall falls into an enchanted lake with many mushrooms growing at the shore edge. At the lake bottom is a planar portal
6 A clearing of recently felled trees. The stumps and fallen trees are weeping tears of sap. Many redcap mushrooms grow here
7 The bones of a giant skeleton are partly submerged in mud and vines. Curses and disturbing carvings cover the bones.
8 A grove of tall fruit trees. Those eating the fruit at the grove are blessed. It is claimed by a proud fey noble
9 A hillside covered in several mushroom rings. Each ring is a different color and undamaged by the large herd beasts roaming here
10 A withered hedge covered in big red berries. Some are delicious and some are poisonous. Many rodents live in the hedge
11 A reed-filled stream burbles through a green pasture. Faerie lights flit in the water and grass. Currently it is raining.
12 A sparkling fountain is surrounded by a vibrant garden of bright flowers. Many fat fireflies investigate the garden
13 Towering spires of crystal grow from the moss-covered ground. Thunder and lightning herald an incoming storm.
14 These dismal fens are marked by sharp brambles and reddish grass. A rare herb grows here, sought for curses and poisons
15 An overgrown brook flows through a high-sided valley. Chalk giants are carved on one side, one has a shrine to a power of the hunt
16 The edge of a sinister black bog marked by several moss-covered obelisks. Eyes watch from the bog and a horn sounds in the distance
17 Above the surrounding forest towers a mighty oak. It holds an empty treetop hamlet. Twice a month fey gather here for festivities
18 A stone bridge leads off the side of a chasm into midair. It is guarded by a magical troll and is a portal to Limbo (or another Chaos plane)
19 A palace of glass floats over a lake of leaping fish. A rainbow leads up to the palace. Fey often gather at teh lake's edge.
20 An enchanted circle of shifting standing stones with a silver chain wrapped around them. Dancing lights swirl through the circle.

Feywild Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Feywild Levels 1-4
2 1 Night Hag or roll on Low-level Planar Travelers
3 1d2 Owlbears
4 1 Ettercap and 1d2 Giant Spiders or 1d4 Harpies
5 2d4 Giant Owls
6 1d3 Nothics or 1 elven Druid
7 1 Giant Stag and 2d6 Deer or roll on Feywild Beasts
8 1d2 Vine Blights and 2d4 Twig Blights
9 1d2 Displacer Beasts or roll on Feywild Beasts
10 1d2 Dryads and 1d2 Satyrs
11 2d4 Needle Blights
12 2d4 Blink Dogs or 1d4+1 elven Scouts
13 2d4 Sprites
14 1d3 Awakened Trees
15 1d4 Dryads
16 1d4 Goblins led by 1 Goblin Boss
17 1 Pseudodragon
18 1d3 Ogres
19 1 Green Hag
20 1 Unicorn or 1 Shambling Mound

Feywild Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Feywild Levels 5-10
2 1 Guardian Naga or 1 Behir
3 coven of 2 Green Hags and 1 Night Hag
4 1 Medusa with 1d4 Vine Blights
5 1d4 Cambions or roll on Mid-level Planar Travelers
6 1d2 Spirit Nagas or 2d4 Griffons
7 2d4 Displacer Beasts or 1d2 Giant Apes
8 1d4 Shambling Mounds
9 2d6 Twig Blights with 2d4 Needle Blights and 1d6+1 Vine Blights
10 2d6 Centaurs
11 2d4 Bugbears led by 1 Bugbear Chief
12 1d6+1 Ettercaps with 2d4 Giant Spiders
13 1d2 Fomorians
14 2d4 Satyrs with 1d6 Dryads and 1d6 Sprites
15 1d3 Ettins
16 2d4+2 Nothics
17 1 Cyclops with 1d4 Rhinos
18 1 Treant
19 1d2 Oni
20 1 Gynosphinx

Feywild Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Feywild Levels 11+
2 1 Adult Gold Dragon
3 1d4+1 Fire Giants
4 1d3 Gynosphinx or 1d3 Rocs
5 1d4+2 Frost Giants
6 coven of 3 Night Hags with 2d6 Vine Blights
7 1 Archmage or roll on High-level Planar Travelers
8 1d3+1 Oni with 2d4 Ogres
9 1 Treant with 2d4 Satyrs mounted on Centaurs
10 1d3 Marids or roll on High-level Planar Travelers
11 1d3+1 Treants
12 1d6+2 Fomorians
13 2d4 Shambling Mounds or 1 Unicorn with 3d6 Centaurs
14 1 Oni with 2d6 Nothics
15 1d2 Storm Giants
16 1d4+2 Cloud Giants
17 1d2 Treants and 1d4 Shambling Mounds
18 1 Adult Green Dragon
19 1 Androsphinx
20 invading - 1 Adult Shadow Dragon from the Shadowfell

More Encounters

A pdf of these tables and more feywilds is at the DM's Guild as Planar Encounter Tables, including tables for the Shadowfell and other planes.

Planar Encounter Tables pdf on DM's Guild