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Table Rolls - 5 Room Dungeon, the Showdown

Table Rolls - 5 Room Dungeon, the Showdown They had driven the orcs over the swinging bridge of chains, but Sven been lost over the side, dragged under the crocodiles below. It ended suddenly with the warchief's beheading, the shaman fleeing and the goblins dropping on their knees begging to live. What does your 5-room dungeon showdown look like? READMORE

Table Rolls - Encounter Complications

Table Rolls - Encounter Complications Two almost fully-grown black bear-cubs follow their mother. The mother is pain and stops to paw at a few golden feathers growing from her side and back. Has a fey cursed them? Will she become an owlbear? Generated from the Encounter Complications (roll of an 8, one or more of them is cursed) table below and the Forest Levels 1-4 table (roll of a 9, 1d3 Brown Bears) READMORE